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IVF service packages

The following information is provided as a guideline for use in determining the cost of care and treatment. It is not all inclusive; for example, additional testing and/or procedures that are not listed may be required depending on your personal situation. Although we make every effort to maintain the quoted charges, the charges are subject to change at any time without notice. We bundle our services into package rates so that you know exactly what the treatment will cost. By purchasing a discounted package prior to the beginning of the cycle, the patients can avoid the extra costs involved in paying for individual services.

14 packages price lists

We have provided 14 packages of treatment. Each package is suitable for specific patients.

Price lists Beloved Fertility download here

Package 1: IVF/ICSI Package THB 230,000, for one cycle without embryo transfer

Package 2:  IVF/ICSI Package THB 600,000, for three cycles with unlimited embryo transfer

Package 3: Money Back Pregnancy Guarantee Package THB 600,000 (50% money back at THB 300,000)

Package 4:  IVF/ICSI Package THB 420,000, for three cycles without embryo transfer

Package 5:  IVF/ICSI Package THB 900,000, for three cycles and preimplantation genetic tests for 20 blastocysts plus unlimited procedures of embryo transfer

Package 6: Egg Retrieval Procedure for IVF, ICSI THB 150,000 (excludes ovarian stimulation process and embryo transfer)

Package 7: Preimplantation Genetic Tests for 23 Chromosome Sets (Array CGH, NGS) THB 150,000 for 1–10 embryos

Package 8: Endometrial Preparation for Embryo Transfer—THB 15,000 for oral medication and THB 30,000 for injection

Package 9: Embryo Transfer—one embryo THB 40,000 and two embryos THB 60,000

Package 10: Egg Freezing Program THB 150,000

Package 11: Freezing and Storage

Package 12: PGD for Balanced Translocation Disorder—THB 300,000 for 16 embryos

Package 13: SSR for Investigation THB 25,000 and for ICSI THB 45,000

Package 14: IUI THB 30,000–40,000

Male partner costs

  • Screening STD (HBsAg, VDRL, HBsAg, Anti HCV, Anti HIV, Blood group, Rh group, CBC and Hb typing) THB 3,600
  • CASA and HBA test for sperm THB 4,400
  • Sperm freezing THB 5,700 per each sperm collection
  • EKG and CXR THB 1,480
Our Money Back Guarantee Program:

Beloved Fertility Center offers you multiple IVF cycles at a significant discount with a 50% money-back guarantee if you do not have a baby within three fresh IVF cycles with unlimited embryo transfer. The overall data from IVF centers across the world shows that the average success rate for live birth per cycle was about 30–40% across all age groups, which means that it is likely that most patients will require multiple IVF cycles in order to have a baby. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine has found that risk sharing or money back guarantee programs with full disclosure for in vitro fertilization (IVF) are ethical options for patients that lack insurance coverage. We are able to provide you with all of the information that you need to make an educated choice in your fertility care. If you fail to get pregnant, then, depending on your preference, you could get either 50% of your money back or a fourth fresh IVF cycle at no cost.

IVF Refund Program:

  • Prepayment plan for up to three cycles of IVF or ICSI, including all associated Frozen Embryo Transfers.
  • 50% refund if you do not have a baby at the end of the program.
  • Available to patients under 37 years old using their own eggs.
  • Subject to medical review before acceptance on the program.
  • The couple must be physically and mentally healthy enough to undertake a pregnancy. Using the same combination of ovum, sperm and uterus, the intended parents must have failed less than three IVF cycles in their history.
  • The patient or embryo recipient must have a normal uterus, as assessed by a transvaginal ultrasound. If there are submucosal fibroids or intramural fibroid >3 cm, then they must be surgically removed before embryo transfer.
  • In previous fertility treatment therapies, the embryo recipient must not have demonstrated a poor endometrial response; as demonstrated by a peak endometrial thickness of <8mm and/or an endometrial echo pattern that is not tri-layer to estrogenic stimulation in the proliferative phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • The patient or embryo recipient must have no evidence of hydrosalpinx. If there is evidence of hydrosalpinx, then surgical removal is indicated before embryo transfer.
  • The egg provider must have a day three FSH< 9.0mIU/ml, estradiol<65 pg/ml and Antral Follicle count of >12 and an AMH >2.0.
  • The man must be capable of producing sperm in his ejaculate, or be willing to go through a procedure to obtain sperm or use a sperm donor. If the sperm provider requires a sperm extraction procedure, such as TESE/ MESA, then the donor sperm must be arranged as a back-up option if the sperm is not able to be obtained through these procedures. If the couple is unwilling to use donor sperm as back-up and there is no sperm found on the TESE/MESA, then the contract will be void and a one cycle package will be charged and the balance refunded.
  • The laboratory must be able to use ICSI at their discretion for optimum fertilization.
  • The couple, in consultation with the physicians and embryologist, will determine the number of embryos/blastocysts placed in each transfer. A minimum of two embryos will be replaced. In general, we adhere to the established guidelines published by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. The couple must agree to have all embryos transferred, either fresh or thawed, before the cycle is considered complete per the plan.
  • Treatment cycles involving pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) are accepted.
IVF Multi-Cycle Program:
  • A prepayment plan for up to three cycles of IVF or ICSI and all associated Frozen Embryo Transfers.
  • Available to all patients.
  • No medical review required by the medical committee of the fertility center.

Please contact us for complete information about the medical criteria and detail for either program.

Download Service Price Lists click here Price lists Beloved Fertility

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