Welcome to Beloved Fertility Center by Dr. Suchada Mongkolchaipak, Phyathai Sriracha Hospital, Thailand

Beloved Fertility Center 

Beloved Fertility Center by Dr. Suchada Mongkolchaipak is the re-branded name of the Phyathai Sriracha Fertility Center. Our fertility center was established in 2004 and is privately owned and operated. Our mission is to offer our patients access to the highest quality and the most innovative fertility treatment in only one center. Our facilities are world class and feature the most advanced technological equipment available. We pride ourselves on being the only private practice clinic providing the highest quality service and care as well as being a training center for specialist doctors in the field of infertility.

We’re well known among patients and physicians for our extremely high success rates in infertility diagnosis and treatment. We have provided fourteen packages of treatment with a full range of fertility services. Each package has specific purposes for individual patients.

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We use the latest cutting-edge technology and the most advanced fertility treatments and techniques to enhance your fertility experience, including investigation into causes of infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, and recurrent implantation failure. We also have treatment services such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, TESA/TESE, CCS (comprehensive chromosome screening) by array CGH and NGS (next generation gene sequencing), PGD for single gene disorder by single cell PCR and  karyomapping, blastocyst culture and embryo transfer, frozen embryo transfer, vitrification method for egg and embryo freezing, and sperm cryopreservation, alongside our dedicated team of certified fertility specialists and embryologists.

By investing in the very latest technologies, we give couples their very best chance for a successful pregnancy. Our success rates are as good as the very best in the world. We offer complete onsite laboratory services including of IVF, andrology, and a genetic laboratory to ensure that you receive the most advanced testing and treatments. We offer the very best treatments and procedures that are scientifically approved to give you the hope of a baby. Our staff includes some of the most experienced infertility specialists, reproductive endocrinologists, clinical nurses, and technicians in the country.

Some facts about us that we’d like you to know:
  1. Our success results are above the national average for positive tests and clinical pregnancy per embryo transferred in frozen-thawed cycle. We also have success outcomes that are above SART (Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies), national US data reported, and compared on 2014 at younger age group.
  2. We are a nationally and internationally recognized IVF center. Patients travel great distances to be treated by our physicians. This is due to our extraordinary success rates with in vitro fertilization (IVF), which are significantly higher than the national average.
  3. We have fixed price of IVF and ICSI packages with no hidden costs during treatment. The fixed price is beneficial for older patients and poor responders who need higher doses or special kinds of medications without paying extra for the package.
  4. Unlike some other clinics, we offer extra treatments for the highest pregnancy outcome at no additional cost to all patients. Here is the list of special treatments that some clinics charge extra for, but we include in all packages:
    • The use of Embryoglue® and blastocyst transfers to increase implantation rate.
    • IMSI technique: high magnification selection of good sperm for ICSI to increase the chance of success for severe male factor infertility.
    • Time-lapse embryo monitoring with blastocyst culture: the system to monitor the embryo development on microscopy real time without taking embryos out of the incubator for imaging. The system can help to monitor development without disturbing the physiologic environment, which can improve the embryo quality. In addition, the digital imaging data of the development can be used to choose the best embryo for transfer.
    • RI electronic witness is used to prevent mismatch between samples of incompatible couples.
  5. We do not offer any techniques, treatments or procedures that we consider “experimental” or that do not have scientific evidence to prove that those procedures can improve pregnancy outcome. We also do not rely on isolated reports of success of any procedure, promote it and offer you to pay with the extra cost.


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